English summary

Welcome to the webiste of HR club EVERESTA ® - a meeting point of professionals actively interested in HR.

Who are we?

We are people who work in HR of small and medium enterprises, as well as in international corporations or public administration. We work in production, sales, marketing, IT, building industry, research... we represent companies or individuals as HR specialists and HR managers. But first of all, we share the interest in work with people.

What do we share?

  •     Interest! In ourselves, other people, interest in staying professional and getting inspired in our professional and private life.
  •     Desire! To know, to get ispired, to learn news as well as things proven as good by others. The desire to share own experience and learn those of others.
  •     Beauty! We like people with the inner beauty. People who stay in our companies, who are loyal, who work for us and who keep improving themselves.
  •     Fear! Fear of stagnation, getting stuck and not developing further.
  •     Joy! We like our meetings, look forward to each other and sharing makes us feel good.

What can you experience with us?

  •     Specialised meetings of HR club EVERESTA ®
  •     HR workshops
  •     Conferences at good prices
  •     Materials from all our specialized meetings
  •     New contacts and possibilities to meet professionals
  •     Specialized trips including visits to companies